Choosing the right path

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Before you start your engine to search job , wait !! ..Yes , there are millions of opportunities waiting for you if you have right skills. There are times when candidates fall into work situations where skill mismatch is often seen. i.e Candidates may a have degree in Automotive Designing and would have been seen working as Analyst for Finance companies.

Its time to change , Come on ! You cannot settle for just a job which gives you money. There are things to look more than money when you kickstart your career journey.

First and foremost comes your interest , make sure you have settled to a domain of your interest . Wondering what a domain is ? , Domains are quiet broader can be said as industries or specializations.

Second step would be to hone your skills in your domain. Its not over till you are updated about your favorite domain.

Once you are skilled , get out of your learning desk and filter the right parameters and grab offers waiting for you.

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