Remote or Overseas jobs ?

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An excerpt from a fraud email to a candidate :

“I contacted ***** for data entry job. I paid $105 for data entry job. I typed 300 pages as per the rules and submitted on the given date. I was to be paid $4 per page. The payment has to be made within a week of submission of project. But they neither sent the QC report nor sent the payment. They are not taking our calls. When we ring up from some other phone, it is picked up, but disconnected as soon as they know it is us. They don’t respond to the emails also. They are still advertising in various sites about data entry works. Please don’t believe them.”

Scams are not new to remote or overseas jobs , most of the people are still not aware of such scams. Below is a checklist that one should take care in case searching a remote or overseas job :

  • Real company :
    • If nature of work is remote , then you should make sure company do exist on earth. Never apply for companies without physical location
  • Never pay :
    • Why companies need your money ? Companies look out for skills from companies and good companies never ask your money.
  • Never submit entire work before payment :
    • If you have been assigned to complete a task for a remote company , make sure they make you payment before submission of completed work.
  • Never reveal credit / debit information :
    • This can be dangerous  as money can be debited from your account and ultimately it becomes hard to trace the culprits.
  • Search complaints about company jobs :
    • Reputation of the company is at most if we are working online or offline , if company has a previous history of such frauds, never sign a contract with them.
  • Collect maximum info about company :
    • Get maximum info about the company through offline or online means of communication.
  • Unprofessional communication :
    • Is communication from company inappropriate ? check the grammar or names used in the emails . Sounds fraud ? Stop . Incase you have been cheated by some fraud companies do report to your nearest police / officer.

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